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My Mission

  • To help you find purpose and connection to your highest Divine Self
  • Create the bridge for conversation with loved ones who have passed
  • Mentor psychics and mediums to be master messengers.

Awards and Affiliations

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How May I Help You?

Below are descriptions of the different types of sessions Sarina offers.

If you have any questions about any of these sessions, please use the contact page at this link.

Medium Sessions

In this session, we communicate with loved ones who have passed, bringing closure and messages of love from beyond the veil.

Psychic Sessions

In this session, we look at your energy and your path. Choose this session if you have questions about your life purpose, past lives, lessons, or your current path. This is a good session if you have decisions coming up in your life and need a little help from your guides and angels. They can see what is for your highest good and make suggestions on direction.

Channeling J.T. Sessions

We all have access to J.T.’s wisdom! He is available to everyone, to guide, assist, direct, or just someone to help you see the humor in life. "My mission now is to help each of you live the life you want to live. I am no longer that seven year old boy. I have returned to my soul self, one of the creators of this beautiful system you call earth" - J.T.


Akashic Records Sessions - Ask and Receive

We look at the records of your soul for this lifetime and other lifetimes to get answers to your life questions and purpose and heal wounds. Akasha means “ether” in Sanskrit, and the Akashic Records, or “Book of Life” is the place in energetic terms where every deed, word, thought, feeling, intention and action from any life — past, present, and possible future – is stored. As that implies, we have the ability to enter our records and change our futures!


Akashic Records Sessions - Your Life Rescripted

In this session, we look at one issue that has been recurring in your life. We find the origination point of this issue, whether it is from this lifetime or past lives, and then rewrite the script so you can heal this issue in this lifetime.

dog, cat, animal

Pet Sessions

Rainbow Bridge Connections - talking with pets who have passed, Pet Psychic Sessions, Pet Akashic Records - understanding your rescue pet and why they have come into your life

Holy Fire Reiki

Choose this session if you would like to experience the healing powers of Holy Fire Reiki. Holy Fire Reiki is healing energy from the Universe to help the body heal itself. Holy Fire Reiki can be used on everything from people to animals to building to events. There are no limits with Holy Fire Reiki.

H.O.P.E. Sessions

H.O.P.E. is the acronym for Healing Origination Point Energy. When we can find, address and clear the origination point of an issue, situation, or response, whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, we can begin healing on a profoundly deep level.


Visit our training center if you are interested in taking any classes. We offer a wide variety of Zoom and in-person classes!

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Upcoming Events

Wednesday, April 21st, Thursdays May 13th, June 17th, July 15th 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern
Akashic Records Facilitator Certification
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Monday, April 26th 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern
Free Full Moon Meditation
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Sunday, May 9th Noon – 2p
Book and Card Deck Signing at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Bookstore
Cassadaga, FL
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Monday May 17th 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern
Past Lives – Looking Back in Time
via Zoom
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Wednesdays, May 19th, May 26th, June 2nd & June 30th 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern
The Soul Speaks – A Beginners Guide to Writing
via Zoom
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Tuesday, May 25th 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern
Free Full Moon Meditation
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Tuesday, June 8th and Monday, June 14th 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern
Holy Fire Reiki Levels 1&2 Practitioner Class
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Wednesday, June 23rd 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern
Free Full Moon Meditation
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We are located in Loveland, CO, but are able to do sessions and training via Zoom and phone.

For In-Person sessions, be sure to check your email for the correct location for your session. We are currently seeing clients in two locations.

Mailing Address: 1635 Foxtrail Drive, #350, Loveland, CO 80538

There's So Much More to Life, and Death...

On March 30, 2007, life as we knew it ceased to exist. I went into my son’s room to find him not breathing. J.T. was seven at the time, fighting the flu.

At that moment, I thought my life was over.

Until I found my son again.

He had been with me all along, bringing me signs and messages from the other side, leading me to just the right people I needed in my life to find who I really was — the bridge between this world and the next. I found my son again, and with that, I found joy and hope.

J.T. and I now help others reconnect with their loved ones who have passed, so, they, too, can experience what I experienced when I found J.T. again — that he was happy, he was okay, and still very close to me.

I also train others to tune into their Divine wisdom, to get answers to all of life’s questions, and to lead a guided life.

Anyone can learn to do what I do. We are all born with these gifts. Through training (and determination), I learned how to access the other side. You can do the same. I always say I am not special, just a good listener.

All the answers are within and ready to be discovered. I would be honored to assist you on this journey of discovery and connection!

We receive information from our loved ones, angels and guides every day. How much we listen and tune in depends on our awareness and willingness to receive. They truly are right beside us, just waiting for us to realize they’ve been there all along.

Through my own personal tragedy, I learned how to communicate with the other side. I can connect you with your loved ones, angels and guides — your Infinite Support System. I am the bridge between our world and theirs. They are still with us, and they do want that connection with us!

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