International Speaker

Sarina is a transformational and inspirational speaker. She uses humor and a down to earth approach to connect with any audience. She is internationally renowned and was featured at the “Life, Death and Beyond” International Conference in Crete, Greece. Other speaking events include the Spiritual Journey Conference in Boulder, CO, the Everyday Psychics Conference, and other many other Afterlife events.

Her incredible story about the passing of her seven-year-old son and the discovery of her amazing gifts is just the beginning. Sarina’s passion is to show others how everyone can have the gift of connection. Tuning into your own inner voice and learning how to tune into others is simpler than you could ever imagine.

Join Sarina at one of her events or invite her to speak at an event you are hosting! It will be an enlightening and healing event, no matter what your loss, no matter what your story.

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