What Clients Are Saying….

Sarina, I wanted to thank you for your time yesterday. Such a big weight has been lifted and I feel more free and happy than I have in a long long time. Just having some of my questions and concerns addressed has made such a difference for me. – J. in Fort Collins

I cannot thank you enough for the gift that you gave/channeled to me regarding my brother. There was so much that you said that gave me an amazing amount of clarity, confirmation, and comfort. His recent passing two weeks ago has churned up so much and raised so many questions, as you said! WOW! I will never forget that! You captured many details of his personality and death…With so much gratitude! – Christine Anderson

We were at the Monument readings, and we just wanted to let you know how much it meant to us and say thank you. After I lost my son your book was the first to help. I knew you understood what it was like for a grieving mother. I’m sure you have helped so many people with your readings and I am very thankful to be one of them. Thank you and God bless you. -Karen Clifton

Thank you for your wonderful visit and message from my biological father the other night at The Open Door in Monument. I told my brother about it and he actually plans to make a trip up here to visit you. Everyone that attended last night was amazed and left feeling wonderful. You were a huge blessing to us all. Thank you for coming to my dear friend’s store, she is excited to have you come back again soon! – Lisa in Monument

The training I had with Sarina was incredible. She helped me quickly build my confidence and sharpen my skills both in group sessions and in person. Her compassion, wit, humor and powerful psychic abilities made the training welcoming, fun, and expansive. I can’t recommend Sarina and her training program enough. I looked forward to each and every meeting, as I made new friends and expanded the tools in my toolbox. Thank you, Sarina!!– J. Davis

10 reasons why Sarina Baptista KICKS @$$ 1. She is gifted and advanced in all the clairs. 2. She is grounded and focused. 3. She is incredibly supportive. 4. She is an approachable, real person. 5. She’s got a great sense of humor. 6. She has a great balance of strength and sensitivity. 7. During training, she can see if you are
truly connecting to the Other Side -and if not, knows how to support you in doing so. 8. She is in service of Spirit, not her ego. 9. She is generous and wants everyone to win. 10. She is compassionate and understanding while still holding her boundaries. …Shall I go on?
– K. Udarro

The help and guidance Sarina gives in her teaching sessions is terrific. One on one time was invaluable to me in my training. Her caring way and helpful insight really can help open the way. Thank-you Sarina – L. Starks

Hi Sarina ~ I just want to thank you for your support and direction. This still blows my mind and I am so glad that you were brought into my life to help navigate the process. I look forward to your continued guidance on this journey. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your gifts. Many Blessings, J. Underwood

Working with Sarina is like hanging out with a really good friend who gets you! But with Sarina, there is the added bonus of all her amazing connections and advice from the other side!– J. Wald

I just wanted to thank you for the Connecting party the other evening. It was very impactful for me. Especially your comments regarding “not taking care of yourself.” You gave me much to think about. Everyone agreed that it was a very special evening. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. -LH

Sarina, Thank you for the CD I did receive it last week. My sister and I enjoyed the evening I think it is such a blessing what you do for people I know it has helped me a lot I still am really struggling but I hope time will help heal some. J in Loveland

I am LOVING our sessions! and doing the work during the month is really growing me — Paula in Aurora

We all had a wonderful time the other night. My friend and her daughter were so happy to connect with their loved ones. And my Nicholas certainty is persistent isn’t he? Knowing he is so willing to come forward makes me so happy. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do for people and the best was being able to contribute to the Ronald McDonald House. — Linda in Loveland

Thank you for a very special night at the Anthology Book Store. We were especially touched by what you had to say to mother who had lost her son to Aids in the 70′s. I spoke with her afterwards and she was very sweetly appreciative of your reading. Mary in Loveland

Hi Sarina, I just wanted to say “thank you” for the group meditation Friday night. It was great to develop those skills further! Jo in Fort Collins

Hello Sarina, I always enjoy your events! The time always goes by way too quickly. Is there a chance you could extend your “Connecting to the Other Side” to at least two hours? I know it would be greatly appreciated by all of us. MB in Loveland

You are truly a special person Sarina and I feel so honored to know you. Pam in Fort Collins

I lost my 5 ½ year old son, Nikolas, to a drowning only 10 short months ago. It really has been the hardest thing I know I will ever go through. Sarina reached out to me in the early months and offered support and spiritual comfort and guidance while she was going through her own devastating loss of her son, J.T. She has the strength and determination to see that there is a bigger plan here much bigger than any of us realize. She has such a wonderful gift that I have been honored to be blessed by. I know now that there are reasons for everything, even tragedies, and there are no coincidences. Sarina has been such an inspiration to me in helping me along this very heartbreaking journey and has given me the courage and strength to see this through to the end. The end being when I know I will be with my son again. I now know he lives on. She has helped me to understand that our children are our children forever. They have just died in the physical sense not the spiritual…and that is what truly matters. We are all spiritual beings here on earth having human experiences and when it is our time, we will take those lessons with us back home where we will be greeted by our happy, healthy, smiling children that are now living full lives on the other side. We can learn from Sarina’s caring, compassionate, and determined ways in the face of tragedy. As she herself is a bereaved mother, she knows our pain and offers faith, hope, and healing. Monica – Colorado Springs, CO

I have been going through a time of horrible emotional stress and pain, and Sarina has given me and my spirit the positive guidance and love needed to help me keep with the positive attitude needed during this difficult time. I know that I can turn to her for heart warming hugs, for connection with positive guidance, and for honest advice. Sarina is a wonderful loving giving woman who has opened herself to help others through their good and bad times. I am very very thankful that I can count her as my spiritual advisor and friend. Kristine – Loveland, CO

Sarina is very gifted in her abilities to hear, feel, see and know and communicate information from our loved ones on the other side. Her talents extend to her teaching abilities to help us also hear, feel, see and know from our guides, angels and loved ones. I am a current psychic student and have received my Reiki Master Teacher certificate from Sarina. I am truly blessed that she has come into my life and is helping me along this journey here on earth. Blessings & Namaste’ – Tammi in Firestone

Wow! I am so thankful that I found Sarina! My life has changed in so many ways. In my heart I always knew that connecting with loved ones was real, but I was intimidated and afraid of discovering my gifts alone. When I went to one of Sarina’s events I knew that I had found the right mentor. Since working with Sarina, I have confidence in my psychic and medium abilities. I enjoy channeling messages of loved ones on the other side, and I am more aware than ever before. Most importantly, I feel safe, protected and loved at all times. We really do have an infinite support system! Thank you Sarina!– E. Sever

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