Advanced Psychic Medium Certification Survey

This is an anonymous survey! I look forward to reading your ideas!

Building confidence and overcoming fears of being wrong.
Refining and validating evidence from Spirit to give more accurate messages
More tools to increase your connection and raise your vibration for deeper connection
Tools to increase energy between sessions.
Pushing your abilities to strengthen your mediumship messages
Techniques to “turn on and off” your empathic abilities so your energy is conserved
Building your relationship with your guides and other high frequency energies
Improve your storytelling to give your sitter a better picture of who their loved one is now
Exercises to strengthen your aura and energy field
Setting better intention for the clients who seek your services
How to handle skeptics and naysayers
Techniques to be more present for your sessions (and your life!)
Advanced mediumship demonstration (gallery) training
Extensive mediumship practice