Akashic Healing Reiki

During a health crisis in my own life, I turned to the Akashic Records for answers. I was astonished to find that events from my past lives were influencing my health in this lifetime. Once I was able to understand why my body was reacting a certain way, I was able to heal the wounds from those other lifetimes, allowing my present body to find its way back to health.

This is not to say everything can be healed using the Akashic Healing Reiki method, but we can clear old junk from other lifetimes, allowing your body to do what it knows to do.

Akasha means “ether” in Sanskrit, and the Akashic Records, or “Book of Life” is the place in energetic terms where every deed, word, thought, feeling, intention and action from any life — past, present, and possible future – is stored. As that implies, we have the ability to enter our records and change our futures!

By searching the records for the origin of issues, recurring lessons, and our general purpose from lifetime to lifetime, we have the ability to shift our future and our future lives into a different direction. So much of what we are doing here is learning how to be human. By asking our Record Keepers questions about our current and past lives, we open the door of opportunity to make huge shifts in our energy and what we are here to do.

What is different about the Akashic Healing Reiki Session?

In this Akashic Healing session, we combine the healing energy of Holy Fire Reiki and some very special symbols and techniques to help heal issues from this lifetime and past lifetimes. We can focus on one issue that you want to heal, or look at what your body needs to heal. We look at present and past lifetime aspects of it to determine how to heal it, then use a special “formula” of Holy Fire III Reiki and Records guidance to put healing into motion. By healing it in present time, we also heal it in past time and future time.

You will leave the office with homework and clear instructions on what you need to do to continue your healing. Some of these wounds are very deep, so expect some work will be involved, and possibly some outside assistance from trained therapists to help you integrate what you learn through the process.

Some areas for which this type of session can help are:
Feelings of lack
No self worth
Unexplained fears
The same things happen over and over to you
Feelings of abandonment
Physical ailments
Overreactions to people or situations
Feeling stuck in life
Lack of feeling nurtured
Lack of feeling strong
Allowing people to take advantage of you
Relationship issues – attracting the same kind of partner, feeling misunderstood by family
And that’s just scratching the surface!

PRE-REQUISITE: YOU MUST WANT TO HEAL! We use intention, meditation, Holy Fire III Reiki and your Akashic Records for this, so it’s important for you to want to change whatever it is. Healing begins with you…I am just the facilitator of the process.

This session is just the beginning of your healing journey.

This healing session does NOT take the place of medical or psychological treatments or advice. We do not diagnose conditions, prescribe or perform medical treatment, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. It is recommended that you see a licensed physician, or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment. There are no claims or guarantees of diagnosing, healing or curing disease.