The Akashic Records

Your Life Rescripted

Using the Akashic Records to Rewrite Your Past, Present and Future

What is Rescripting?
Every moment of our lives, we are writing information into our Akashic Records. These records hold so much more than we realize. They hold our hurts, our triumphs, our lessons, and our relationships. They also hold our pasts, present and futures.

Where to begin?
Even though there is no time and space, we begin with our pasts. We say “pasts” because you have had many past incarnations, and each one has framed how you see the world around you and yourself in this incarnation. This is a critical concept to understand when we are looking at rescripting our lives. Every action and reaction to situations, events and people from your past lives directly affect your actions and reactions to your life today. Who knew that the lifetime where you were stoned to death for speaking out against the ruler would affect your relationship to authority today?

Now, not all traumas affect our lives in the same way. Once we do experience a traumatic death where there is an unresolved issue, we ask to repeat the situation in some way so we can have the ability to respond differently and balance the energy created in that first traumatic event.

For example, a client discovers she trusted the wrong man in one of her lifetimes, resulting in her throat being slit by the man, and her dying while he watched gleefully. Fast-forward to present day. She trusts no one and has a terrible time finding love because she won’t let anyone get close to her. Once we know the origination point of her issue, we can rewrite the script and change the ending so she is no longer afraid to let people in. We do, of course, place safeguards in her intentions so she doesn’t blindly trust again, but we rewrite what happened to her so that paralyzing fear is healed.

So, our first step is to go to the origination point of the issue to see what happened. Once we know how the issue began, we can change the ending in that story to reflect a new alternate reality. From there, we rewrite the script in our current life so this trauma and response to the trauma does not get repeated. We use mantras and affirmations to change our current belief system, which in turn, changes our present and future response.

You must remember:
You are the star
You are the producer
You are the director
You write the screenplay

What do you want to change in your script?

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