House Clearings and Blessings

All spaces holds energy. That energy could be from the past occupants of the space or the events that occurred in the space (residual). It could also be from those who no longer have bodies who would like to be in your space (ghosts or souls who have not crossed).

If your house feels heavy, or you are experiencing paranormal activity, it is time to clear your space. That energy does not belong in your home and you do not have to tolerate it.

You may also just feel stagnant energy in your space, in which case a Brightening-Blessing would be a great option. This is especially useful when you are trying to sell your home!

We can do this service In-Person or Remotely

We have two options now for this service: In-Person or Remote.

For the In-Person option, we come to your home to perform the service. This is open to anyone living on the Space Coast.

If you prefer to do the clearing remotely, we use technology to our advantage and will do the service via Zoom.

How Does a Remote Clearing Work?

While on video conference with you, we “walk” through the house, clearing the energy from each room.

Since we are psychic mediums, we are able to connect with the energy in the space and identify its origin. We understand the laws of energy, we are able to remove that energy, bring in angelic and high vibration energy, and seal the space, all while on video conference with you.

Our Services

During a house clearing, we remove stuck residual energy and any intelligent energy from the residence, and replace it with higher, lighter energy. We assist any souls who need help continuing on their journey by helping them cross into the light. If they do not want to cross, they must leave. These spirits take energy away from your and your family, and it’s not okay for them to be there.

As we go room by room clearing the energy, we also seal the space so the lower energies cannot return. This is a very effective process and will keep your home from being used as a ghost hotel…they check in, but never check out! Our process creates a “No Vacancy” sign, and those energies must find another place to live.

We always leave “the door open” for your loved ones, angels and Divine helpers because these energies love you and can see the big picture. Our energy clearing does not affect them.

This service is done during a Home/Office Clearing.

This is a great option if you are trying to sell your home and want the space to be more inviting! Our team will go room to room, releasing any stagnant energy and fill the space with bright energy. We will also bless each room, and set whatever intention you want in the space, whether it is to bring in the perfect buyer, or maybe joy and abundance for the current occupants. This brightens the energy, and you will absolutely feel the difference!

Please note: This service is to brighten the energy of a space, not remove paranormal energy. If you are experiencing paranormal activity, choose the Home/Office Clearing-Sealing option. The Home/Office Brightening is also done during the Clearing-Sealing.

We also offer Psychic Investigations if you are interested in learning about who or what is in your space. All team members are psychic mediums. We are able to communicate with any spirits in the dwelling, and identify the cause of the residual energy. During a Psychic Investigation, we use our abilities to document why your home has this activity, who is causing it, and get a better understanding of what needs to be done to assist the spirits. We do not antagonize the spirits, we are there to help move them along on their journey.

Psychic Investigations must be done in conjunction with a House Clearing. We cannot in good conscience leave the energies in the house after an investigation.

You do not have to do the Psychic Investigation. It is an optional service.


House Clearing-Sealing-Brightening
Up to 2500 sq ft: $250
2500sf+:  $0.10 per square foot

House Brightening-Blessing
Up to 2500 sq ft: $100
2500-3000 sq ft: $150
3000-3500 sq ft: $200
3500-4000 sq ft: $250
Over 4000 sq ft: Get Quote

Psychic Investigations
Must be done in conjunction with a House Clearing – $100

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