Creation Team Session

From J.T. (January 2022 Newsletter):

J.T. tells me to hang in there…we’re almost done. I’ve heard this before.

He also tells me (again and again) that the lessons still need to be learned, and until this happens, we will continue to be as uncomfortable as possible to get us to move into the direction our souls want us to go. I ask him, “Are there really that many of us off path?”

His response:

“Not off path, per se. Just not where they want to be at the moment. It is human nature to get distracted. You all laugh at the movie Up with Dug the Dog and his ‘Squirrel’ moments. Maybe you laugh because you understand Dug better than you think! This is not a criticism, but rather an observation. And it is fine to go off course to smell the roses, and discover what we don’t want, isn’t it? But then some get stuck in that place, and need assistance (and permission) to hop on a new path. This is what 2020 and 2021 have been providing.

We understand from a human perspective, it looks terrifying – death and destruction. We remind you of the illusion of suffering. (Yes, I know, easy for me to say from my vantage point.) As I have told you throughout this lesson, REMEMBER THE PLAN.

That plan is different for everyone. Those who have transitioned during this time have done so by their plan. There is a contract, an agreement, to participate in the lesson in this manner. This means that those loved ones who have left have fulfilled their contract. Your part in this contract is important to understand. And there are many aspects and layers to this. For some, it might be to release something from the past. For others, it might be to stand in your power, knowing who you are. For many, it is to have discernment of your own inner truth versus what your outer world is portraying.

Throughout all of this, we have been guiding you. We ask that you follow our guidance and listen to your inner voice, that part of you still connected to us. REMEMBER THE PLAN. Nothing in this is haphazard or random. Nothing in the Universe is haphazard or random. There are no coincidences, only synchronicity. This means you are actively creating this experience with us. What you think and feel directly translate into the reality you experience. We are asking you to connect with your soul, so this reality is in alignment with what you truly want to experience.

There are many ways to connect with your soul…many I have shared with you already. But let’s do something different now.

Close your eyes. Now in your mind’s eye, envision your reality as it is in this moment. Now replace how you currently see your reality with a beautiful meadow. Tall grass, flowers in bloom, trees swaying gently in the breeze. Now put yourself in the meadow. As you are in the meadow, change the colors of the flowers you see. Change the types of trees in front of you. Add a beautiful creek, lake or river. Now, bring in that energy of what you just created, meaning feel what you just created and changed in your meadow.

This is how you change your reality. Just as you changed the flowers, trees and landscape, you can do the same in your physical reality. BELIEVE IN YOUR ABILITY TO CREATE!

This takes practice and commitment. Your physical world does not always support how powerful you are. It doesn’t reflect back to you that you are a creator. But you are, and we are here to help you remember this.

Now, how does this translate into all this happening right now?


Even better, believe in your ability to change your reality!

I have instructed my mom to offer some help with this if you need it. Sometimes, we just need a little help seeing it from a different perspective. I will be guiding her during these sessions, as will your “Creation Team,” those guides who are assigned to you for this specific purpose. We know everyone can successfully navigate through this time.


We are in this with you, together as ONE. We will succeed and we will bring in a new reality to better match who we all are – true SPIRIT and true CREATORS!”

In this session, you will be introduced to your “Creation Team,” those guides and masters who can help you create your new reality based on your soul’s plan, and guide you out of the maze. You will be given homework to work with your Creation Team, and exercises to bring your soul’s reality into your life. You are ready for change!

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