Crystalline Reiki
Grid Healing

What is the Crystalline Reiki Grid?

The Crystalline Reiki Grid begins with the World Peace Crystal Grid, which is part of a network of grids placed all around the world and charged regularly by Reiki Masters. By connecting with this grid, we have the power of all of these grids, amplifying the energy for our healing.

How does the Crystalline Reiki Grid work?

I charge my grid with Crystalline Reiki on a weekly basis to ensure it is sending continuous Reiki to whoever is designated to receive healing. Once charged, I place your name on the grid, and initiate Crystalline Reiki again right on your name, asking for the grid to send whatever healing energies you need. Since Reiki is an intelligent energy, it knows what is for your highest good and will send Reiki where it needs to go. This is the beauty and simplicity of Reiki!

You will also receive an electronic picture of the Crystalline Reiki Grid with your name in the center via text to remind yourself that healing is taking place on your behalf. Use this picture to focus on your healing each day.

Names are rotated on a monthly basis, although many names can be placed on a single grid. If you would like to have your own Crystalline Reiki Grid that is charged weekly remotely and connected to the World Peace Crystal Grid network, please click here!

You also have the option of keeping your name on the Crystalline Reiki Grid for more than one month by choosing whichever option below best fits your needs.

If you feel your healing requires a full Reiki healing session, please click here for information.

If you have any questions about these options or about Reiki or grids in general, please feel free to contact me!

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