Baby Blessings

Welcome New Souls, to your latest assignment! You are the chosen ones, who will lead us to a new place — a place of love and light, where all are accepted and all are welcomed.


Welcoming a new baby into your family and community is a sacred ceremony. Sarina has a unique connection to babies, both here on the Earth and those waiting to come in, and is an ordained minister.

During a Baby Blessing, we bless the soul and spirit of your baby with sacred water, and invite family and friends to participate in a special prayer written for your child. This is a celebration! We bring in all of your baby’s Divine Helpers and loved ones who are guiding from Heaven, and ask them to watch over this beautiful spirit, and help you to parent this child in whatever ways are necessary. Sarina will also receive a special message for you from your baby’s guides.

Your beautiful baby is the embodiment of the Heavens and the Earth. We would be honored to be a part of this Baby Blessing ceremony! Contact Sarina for more information and to schedule your ceremony!