8/12 – Channeling J.T. – Santa Barbara IANDS

This seminar might move to online. Stay tuned!

Based on the Award-Winning book, My View from Heaven: A Boy’s Story of His Journey to Heaven and the Purpose of Life on Earth by Sarina Baptista as told by J.T. Baptista

When: Wednesday, August 12th 7pm – 9pm
Where: IANDS Santa Barbara, Unity of Santa Barbara, 227 E. Arrellaga Street, Santa Barbara, CA
Cost: $10

March 30, 2007, Sarina Baptista’s seven-year-old son, J.T., “died.” At least that’s what the coroner said. Little did she know how “alive” her son really was, and that soon, she would have connection with him in a way she could only imagine!

On a mission to find her son again, Sarina researched the afterlife from every angle. She knew her son was somewhere, but where? Six months after J.T.’s passing, Sarina discovered she was a medium. Through training and determination, she had found her son and could communicate with him! The stories he told of his experiences were beyond this world. He shared with her the secrets of Heaven and how to live a life of purpose on Earth.

In this talk, J.T. will share this information with you, and you will be able to ask him questions about life, death, and everything in-between!

More information to follow!!