Bringing Spirits to the Party for Over a Decade

Please note: Sarina now lives in Central Florida and is only available for In-Person gatherings in that area. If you do not live in Central Florida, she does have the option of a Zoom Party for you and your guests! Click the button for details!


Your Spirit Party can have one or all of these elements!

Connecting Party

Invite your family and friends over for amazing connections with the other side! We will connect with your loved ones who have passed, receiving messages of love and healing, all in your own living room!
Called the “Tupperware Party for the Spirit”, each guest will receive a personal reading. What makes our parties unique is that you can ask for a particular loved one to come in for the message, creating a “telephone line” between our world and theirs.

Psychic Party

Are you looking for guidance and information to help you get the most from life? Host a Psychic party and you and your guests will receive guidance regarding current life situations, what areas need to change, where to put your energy and get answers to those questions you have been wanting to ask!

Pet Party

Our pets are part of the family! Whether you want to communicate with a pet that has passed (Rainbow Bridge Connection), get answers to questions about your pet (Pet Psychic Session), or look at your pet's previous incarnations with you or in other lives (Pet Akashic Session), Sarina can communicate with pets on all levels!

Angel/Guide Party

Have you ever wondered who is watching over you? How they are helping you? During an Angel or Guide Party, you and your guests will be introduced to your angels or guides! Each guest will receive their angel or guide’s name, learn about how the angel or guide communicates with them, and receive a special message or answer to a question. This is the first step to leading a guided life!



  • $175 for two attendees
  • $350 for four attendees
  • $500 for six attendees

There is a $50 deposit required to hold the party date (to be subtracted from the total the day of the party)
Duration: Depends on the number of attendees. Each person receives a 10 to 15 minute reading.

Minimum number of guests: 2
Maximum number of guests: 6

$50 Deposit required to hold party date.

Please note: There is a $50 travel charge (in addition to the party deposit) for parties outside the Space Coast area.

Cancellation Policy: Parties cancelled at least a week prior to party are eligible for a deposit refund. Any parties cancelled within a week of the party can use the deposit for a future party (rescheduled within four months time) or forfeit the deposit.

Please note: Sarina will not be wearing a mask. If this is a concern, please choose a Zoom Party instead of an In-Home Party

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