1/3/2022 – Setting Intention with Direction – via Zoom

Creating What You See for Your Success

Learn the “secret” to creating and manifesting what you see for your success. This is available to all of us…we just need to learn how to ask for it. In this workshop, you will learn how to phrase intentions and begin the process of bringing them into your life. It is simpler than you may think!


Year after year, we proclaim “New Year’s Resolutions” to change things we want in our lives and our businesses. The issue is we do not set ourselves up for success because we never truly set the intention around these resolutions. Without intention, they become another “wish” to fulfill.

To be successful in creating what we see for our success, we first must state the intention in clear, definable terms. In this workshop, you will learn how to set powerful intentions and learn the “secret” behind bringing them into reality. We begin with the understanding we will only receive what is for our highest good. From there, we learn how to create our power statement – “We deserve success!” We write our intentions out in clear terms. Then, we imagine that intention in our lives. This can be used in all areas of our lives.

You will learn:

The difference between Setting Intention and Resolutions
How to phrase your intention for the highest degree of success
How to move blocks to your success out of your way
The “secret” to bringing intentions into your life
How to apply this technique to all aspects of your business and personal life

Let’s start 2022 by creating something amazing! Hope to see you there!


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