What is a H.O.P.E. (Reiki Trauma Healing) Session?

H.O.P.E. is the acronym for Healing Origination Point Energy. When we can find, address and clear the origination point of an issue, situation, or response, whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, we can begin healing on a profoundly deep level. This means we look at the origins of why we are responding the way we are in situations, or why the body is behaving a certain way, and heal it at the origination point. By doing this, we target where this really began, whether it was in this lifetime, or other lifetimes.

In what situations can a H.O.P.E Session help?

The H.O.P.E. Session is for any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue that is causing pain, discomfort, anxiety, fear, sadness, grief, or other emotion that is impeding your quality of life. To be clear, this does not mean you will be cured of all that ails you, but we can find out why the issue is occurring and help your body release and heal it. The true healing is up to you, however, no matter what healing modality or methodology you use!

How is a H.O.P.E. Session conducted?

We first begin by asking questions about the emotional response. For instance, you have an unusual pain in your arm and the medical professionals have no clue why. We use Emotion Release Q&A to determine if there is a trapped emotion around this issue. The same might be said if you have an abnormal fear of flying or driving. We can ask questions to find the origination point of whatever created this.

From here, we might enter your Akashic Records to get more details, or we might just begin releasing that energy, depending on what your healing guides recommend.

What methodologies do we use for a H.O.P.E Session?

Thanks to our wonderful healing guides, we have quite a few methodologies we can use depending on your specific needs:

  • Sacred Geometry
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Reiki
  • Meditation
  • Guided visualization
  • Ocean Energy Healing Symbols
  • Akashic Energy Healing techniques
  • Chakra Block Release
  • Emotional Block Release
  • Multidimensional Healing techniques

Please note: It is possible that more than one H.O.P.E. Session is required for optimal results.

All sessions are conducted with the understanding that each participant is responsible for their own actions, past, present and future. Accepting reading and healing sessions are an agreement of personal responsibility for all actions taken and outcomes resulting from those actions by the participant. Although we adhere to the highest standards and professional ethics in regard to serving our clients, we can make no guarantees regarding effectiveness or outcome of any healing. Please take responsibility for your own health.

Intuitive readings, evaluations, healing sessions, training programs, emails and other recommendations are intended to complement, not replace or substitute professional medical diagnosis and treatment, and you should not use these in place of consulting your healthcare provider to treat or cure medical conditions. Always consult with your doctor about your individual needs and any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention and before starting or discontinuing any medication, course of treatment, exercise regimen, or diet.

All personal information received from client is kept strictly confidential. There is absolutely no sharing of personal addresses or email with any other party. Details shared during readings and healing sessions are also kept strictly confidential. Details shared are not a substitute for professional medical or legal advice.

It is important to understand that a H.O.P.E Session is not a physician/patient relationship with you, so it will not provide a medical diagnosis or treatment, prescribe medicine, give psychotherapy or be reimbursable by medical insurance. We do not use medical terminology for diagnosis or symptoms analysis.

Only you know what is best for you. Always listen to your intuition no matter who is treating to you.

To schedule your H.O.P.E Session, use the scheduler below!

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