Lighthouse Session

What We Need Right Now is a Lighthouse to Guide Us Back to Shore

Lighthouse Session

How is this year going for you? Do you feel like you accomplished what you needed? Do you feel in purpose and moving in the direction your soul is calling you to move? What do you want for your future?

Now is the time to evaluate, review and plan! Let your Lighthouse Keepers help you move into the future!

We look at where you are now, and where you need to go. We will dive into your Akashic Records to ask your Divine Council what you need to wrap up, and what you need to start anew. We look at your purpose, path and past lives to create a plan for your future.

These last couple of years have been all about change. Changing perspective. Changing location. Changing careers. Changing your ideas of who you are and your reality.

If you have been feeling tossed around like a ship in the seas, this session can help clarify where you are going (or maybe where you could be going!) So many of us have been called to make these big changes, but have no idea where to start.

Your Lighthouse Keepers are here to help. It’s time to find direction again, and become the captain of your life once again!

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