Medium Sessions

In a Medium Session, we communicate with loved ones who have passed.

These are by far incredibly healing experiences. Your loved ones are so happy to join us to help you heal and answer questions you may have. I love doing medium sessions because I know on a personal level how impactful these sessions are.

When J.T. left, I needed to know he was okay. I needed to know he wasn’t cold, alone, frightened. I needed to know where he was. My first session with a medium was less than six months after he passed. It was in that life-changing session I learned I was a medium, and that my son was alright…better than alright, actually. And he was very much still “alive.” He was with me any time I needed it, and I was able to understand that was exactly where he wanted to be.

Our loved ones want to help us with the grief. They want to help us find joy again. They want to connect with us and keep that relationship going.

A medium session is a perfect start!

Psychic/Guide Sessions

All Psychic Sessions can have one or more of these components.

Please note: If you wish to communicate with a loved one who has passed, schedule the Medium Session.

Psychic/Guide Sessions
We all need a helping hand every now and then. We need guidance from someone who can see the bigger picture and the higher perspective. That someone also must have our highest good as a priority.

Your guides want only the best for you. They don’t always tell you what you want to hear, but they do tell you what you need to hear.

Whether it is relationship, career, or life direction question, your guides will give you the details you need to make an informed decision.

They will never tell you what to do, because after all, we have free will on this planet. But they can show you what might happen if you continue your current path and offer suggestions for a different path if that is what is required.

Intuitive Business Coaching Session
Is your business where you want it to be? Are you feeling stuck and are not sure why? Do you sense your business needs a change, but are unsure how to make that change?

At one point or another, we all feel stagnant, in our personal and professional lives. This doesn’t necessarily mean we need to change jobs or careers. It might mean we need to do things a little differently to get back into alignment with who we are.

During an Intuitive Business Coaching Session, we look at what is working for you, and what might need adjusting for your personal and professional life. We tune into your Divine Purpose, why are you are here, and see how we can merge what you do (your job, occupation, business) into your life’s purpose. It might be as simple as stating your intention about what you want in your life, or it might mean making some changes. Either way, you are driving the boat!

Life Purpose Session
“Why am I here?”

This is a question I hear time and time again. We want to know why we are here and what our purpose is this time around. We feel a pull to make a change, but might not know what that means or how to get there.

In a Life Purpose Session, we help you understand what your soul wants to experience here this time around. We bring in your high guides and council who tell us where you need to focus your energy. You leave with homework and a plan to implement. It is a very powerful, affirming session!

In a Past Life Session, we look at some past lives you have had and identify how these lives are related to what you are experiencing in this life. We can sometimes also identify who from your soul family was with you in those past lives and the affect it might have on your current relationships.

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