New Earth?

What an incredible time it is right now on Earth! Have you wondered what it all means for us as a civilization, as inhabitants on this beautiful planet?  

What I have been told is that this is the entryway into the New Earth. The New Earth is a higher frequency existence, and along with this New Earth, we have been receiving “upgrades” to our DNA over the past few years, preparing us for this change. After all, if the Earth will be moving into higher frequencies, we need to be ready for it!  

Honestly, a lot of this is very much over my head. Quantum DNA, Coherence, Ascension…I am by no means an expert on any of these. However, when something hits me over the head, I know it’s J.T. telling me to pay attention.

This journey began for me in 2008 when I attended my very first I Can Do It conference in Las Vegas. It was the last year they held that conference in Vegas. It was near the end of the conference, and I was sitting in the audience listening to Gregg Braden. So much of this was new to me. After all, J.T. left in 2007, I began psychic mediumship training later that year, and here it was mid-2008, and I was attending my first woo-woo conference. I can’t believe how green I was back then!

As I was listening to Gregg, I felt these incredible vibrations flowing through my body, from head to toe and back to my head again. I knew this was someone’s way of getting my attention. I asked, “Who are you? What do you need?” thinking it was a soul who wanted to connect. After all, I was still in my mediumship training.

“We are the Ancients. You must pay attention to this presentation. You are one of the Light Bringers. This information is very important.”

After being rather blown away that I actually heard them in my head, I started a silent freak-out in my mind. My partner in crime for the weekend was Dr. Monika Buerger. She was our chiropractor in the Bay Area, and knew J.T. He would visit her often after his passing, prodding her just as he was prodding me to step into who we truly are.

I looked at her and she looked at me. Both of us were hit by the enormity of what we were being told. It was about Coherence, and how the electromagnetic field around our hearts was how we communicated with the Earth, the Universe, and each other (for more information about this, visit Gregg Braden’s website at

That was my introduction to the idea that what I felt in my heart, the energy I put out to the Universe was not only received, but amplified. It was crucial that I be mindful of the messages I send out. Not only are they received by the Earth’s electromagnetic grid, but also by every living being on the planet. NO PRESSURE!

It did create that awareness in me about my part here. I did have much more to say about my environment and what I accepted and rejected in my reality.

Fast forward to COVID-19. From the beginning of this pandemic, I was told by J.T. and other higher beings that this was a very special time. This was when we could make a choice. Choose light or choose that which is not light.

I began having terrible vertigo symptoms, as many others on the planet did. My health care advisors found this was related to the EMFs on the planet. They are off the charts right now. I realized I had been tuning into the Earth’s electromagnetic field because it usually is a source of high frequency energy and connection with others. Unfortunately, when something dramatic happens on the planet, this grid is one of the first to be affected. The fluctuations in the grid, along with other factors, made this source of energy not at the frequency I needed.

“What do I do?” I asked J.T. He said, “Connect even higher.” He showed me an outer grid of energy that encompassed the Earth’s grid. It was full of these crystal structures that were so beautiful! I asked, “What is this?” He said, “The Crystalline Grid.” I immediately began researching it. Amazingly, one of the physical representations I found was very familiar to me. It is a tapestry hanging in my office, as you can see in the image below. No wonder I was so attracted to it!

Further investigation found the Crystalline Grid is connected to the Akashic Records! The records are held in this grid! I had been connecting to the grid all along and didn’t even know it!

With the help of some great teachers (Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza), I found my way to this energy field that was off the charts!

The more I connect with the Crystalline Grid, the more I feel at one with the Universe. And the more I feel at one with the Universe, the more I understand the time on the planet right now is critical, essential, and more than transforming, for each and every one of us.

There is purpose. There is a plan. There is Light.

We are loved by energies so much greater than these incarnations we inhabit. I challenge you to put your trust into these energies, and join me in connecting with the Universe and all that reside here, to move this reality of ours into the New Earth reality!



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