Healing with the Ocean Retreat



I will meet those arriving in Orlando. Retrieve your luggage and meet me out at the passenger pick-up curb. Text me at 970-290-9236 when you are heading to the curb and your airline (I might have a hard time keeping it all straight as I’m driving around in the van). I may not be able to text back, so look for a crazy lady driving a 15 person van looking frazzled.

Here are those I am picking up at the Orlando airport:


Doña, we will head straight from Orlando to Melbourne. Please text me when you have landed, and then again when you have your bags. Passenger pick up is right outside the baggage claim doors.

Kim, Michelle and Lauren, we will meet you at the retreat house around 5pm

3524 S. Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach.

The Retreat House

There are two buildings, one that is a house with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, and the other building is a four unit apartment building. Each apartment is fully self contained units with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, kitchen, etc. Below is the diagram for who will be in the house, and below that is the diagram of the upper and lower floors for the four apartments.

Each apartment and the house have a Keurig coffee maker.

Upon Arrival

Head to store for groceries after dropping bags in rooms

After Return

Clear the house and apartments. Each group will clear their own space


Head to Squid Lips for 7pm reservation

Upon Return

Group Meditation setting intention



Head to beach for sunrise - optional


Breakfast. Since we are spread out, it might make more sense to have breakfast in our individual units


Head to the beach

Swim suit is not necessary, but definitely shorts since we will be in the water between ankle and knee high. The beach where we are doing all of our work is a 5 minute drive. After our healing, we will be doing some journaling there, so we’ll bring towels to sit on and an umbrella for those who need shade.

We will only be there for an hour, and then head back to the retreat house for lunch


Lunch at Retreat House


Ocean Healing Integration exercise, followed by free time. If anyone wants to head to Ron Jon Surf Shop for souvenirs, we can do that during this break.


Load up and head to lighthouse


Climb to the Moon

For those who don’t want to climb, it is a beautiful area, and the event includes a tour of the grounds. So much history! There is a resident lighthouse keeper who had a heart attack and died in the lighthouse on his rounds, so hopefully he will want to have a chat with us. There will be about 10 other guests besides our group, so we will play it by ear. I can’t tell you how incredible it is to watch the sun set on one side, and the moon rise on the other. Admission is included in your retreat fee.


Dinner reservation at Off the Hook



Head to beach for sunrise - optional




Group Meditation


Healing with the River exercise

The retreat house backs to the Banana River. It is a very different energy from the ocean, so we will spend some time working with it and experiencing its energy.




Leave for beach

A swim suit is recommended but not required since we will be getting into the water just ankle or knee deep. We will have a canopy and umbrella set up for those who need to be out of the sun at varying times. Here is what we will be doing during this time:

Ocean Attunement – Receiving a special ocean symbol to work with the ocean
Meet an Ocean Guide to help us explore what the ocean wants to do with us and for us
Connect with the ocean inhabitants
Channeling the ocean and inhabitants
Receive healing from the ocean
Give healing to the ocean and inhabitants


Say goodbye and thank the ocean and others for the incredible day!


Group Integration exercise, Essential Oil spray creation, then alone time.


Our final group dinner - we will see what we all feel like...maybe order in.


Final group gathering to talk about our experiences and homework for carrying this energy forward


We will check out at 9:30am. For those who are heading to the Orlando airport, we will leave the retreat house at that time to get those who have 12:30p flights there by 10:30a. For those with flights later in the afternoon, we can head over to Disney Springs and walk around for a bit so you don’t have to sit at the airport for hours. Those with cars can join also if you’d like. Disney Springs is a 1/2 hour from the airport. It’s a great place to get gifts and other fun stuff.

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