Our pets are part of our family! We want what is best for them and to understand what makes them happy. We also want to make sure they are okay when they transition across the Rainbow Bridge, leaving their physical existence here to return to a pure energy form.

There are three options for those pet owners to help communicate with your precious fur-babies. Currently, all of these options are done via telephone at this time:

Pet Psychic Sessions

Sometimes we just need a little help interpreting what our pets need. Sarina is able to speak to your pet in what they call Universal Language to understand what your pet wants to tell you.

Rainbow Bridge Connections

Our fur babies are more than just pets. They are family. When we have to say goodbye to our beloved companions, the grief can be overwhelming.
“Did we do the right thing?”
“Did they enjoy our time together?”
“Are they okay?”

The Rainbow Bridge Connections is about getting those answers we might not otherwise receive. We call on your pet to come “talk” with us, just as we would any loved one. They are so happy to come to give you messages! We use mediumship and Universal language to communicate with your pet on the Rainbow Bridge.

Pet Akashic Records Sessions

Our pets have Akashic Records, too! During this session, we ask for access to the pet’s records so we can answer questions about their life here and get information about who they are here and what they want from their experience in this lifetime.

If you have any questions about these sessions, please contact us!