Crystalline Reiki

What is Crystalline Reiki?
The next level of Reiki Energy

In working with other newly discovered forms of Reiki, we found the information around this energy felt incomplete. There was this immense, firey energy, but we knew there was more to this energy than what was being translated to Reiki practitioners. Our Reiki Master Guides were able to assist in the understanding what was missing in this energy.

Quite clearly, the Guides said, “Go to the Crystalline Grid.”

Through a guided meditation, we were led to the Crystalline Grid where we were gifted with the Crystalline Reiki symbol, and taught how to share this incredible, high frequency healing energy with others.

This is a pure, Source energy. Using Crystalline Reiki can assist you with a higher frequency healing.

What is Reiki?

In Japanese, Rei means “God’s wisdom or Higher Power” and Ki means “Life force energy”. So, Reiki, pronounced Ray-Kee, means “Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy.”

Reiki is an ancient healing modality (method) which dates back at least 2,500 years. It originated in Tibet or India, but is not traced historically until Dr. Mikao Usui is said to have uncovered the healing method. The clearest and most authentic understanding we have been able to discover is that Dr. Usui originated the system of healing he taught and practiced based first on his mystical experience on Mt. Kurama. During his mystical experience, Dr. Usui received the ability to do Reiki treatments.

Crystalline Reiki balances and strengthens the body’s energy, promoting its ability to heal itself.

Reiki is useful in treating illnesses and injuries. Examples of ailments where Reiki can assist healing are sports injuries, cuts, burns, internal diseases, emotional disorders and stress-related illnesses, to name a few.

Currently, our Reiki sessions are done via long distance. Click here to learn how our long distance sessions work.

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