The spiritual arena is frightening to many people because it is considered the realm of the unknown. I wrote this section to dispel many of the myths which have surrounded mediumship and psychics. I hope this helps you to understand a little bit more about this.

Isn’t consulting with spirits dark and a big no-no?

This really depends on who’s doing the consulting. I keep my vibration very high and only talk to those who have crossed over to the light when doing readings, training, meditation or anything else where I need the truth. There are those out there who don’t understand the difference or maybe cannot distinguish the different energetic vibrations of those who are light and those who have chosen to not be light. It is all about energy, and the higher your vibration, the higher realms you can reach.

I do not consider myself to be “consulting with spirits” but rather tapping into our infinite support system which looks at what is for our highest good and in line with our divine purpose. You can tell the difference between readings I do and maybe others do by the love and comfort that comes through. Our guides, angels and loved ones who are on the other side of the veil feel only love for us now. There is no darkness where they are. They don’t hold resentment over what you said to them or did to them or what dress she was buried in! Once you cross, you are only interested in helping others deal with the loss, learn what you need to learn from the experience, review your life, and any other “work” you said you would do when you got back home.

There are times when someone who has crossed needs a little time to reorient, so he/she may not feel as energetically high, but given time, his/her vibration will rise. This is sometimes true if the person has had a particularly difficult life or traumatic leaving of the body.

How can I know my loved one made it to heaven?

Sometimes our greatest concern is whether our loved one made it. “Is he/she in heaven?” My usual response is “Of course! Where else would they go?” There are times when a soul chooses to not cross over. This is usually associated with suicide or if the person feels he/she has done horrible things in his/her life and is afraid of going to hell.

I can tell you with certainty that your loved one was welcomed with open arms regardless of what he/she did here on earth. There is no judgment when you die. Judgment only exists on this plane. That is not to say you do not have to look at what you have done to yourself and others and somehow reconcile this. But the reconciliation is totally up to the soul. Because we see the big picture when we return home, we can see the affects of our actions on others, and since we are in the place where we understand and hold no judgment against anyone, we gladly do whatever we need to do to right our “karma”.

When I encounter someone who is stuck between dimensions, I do everything I can to help them see they will not be judged, regardless of what they have done, and the best way for them to move forward is to cross over. I can help them with this by opening up the light and asking the angels to help. There is always someone waiting for them on the other side to make the transition easier.

Another reason someone might be stuck here is their manner of “death”. Very traumatic events can cause a soul to get lost, so to speak. We are never truly lost, but I have met souls who didn’t know they were dead or how to cross on their own. These situations are very easy to remedy and the souls usually go right over as soon as they see the white light I create for them.

How do you know who you are talking to?

One of the first things I do when I begin a conversation with someone who is not in body, I check their energy. I feel whether if feels light or heavy, male or female, older or younger. We all have what is called an energetic signature. With practice, anyone can determine with whom they are talking. There have been times when I have called someone in because their loved one here wished to speak with them, and I could immediately feel that he was very heavy. At that point, I knew I could trust not anything the person said because he had not crossed over. Again, once we cross, we lose our ego and our self importance and are only concerned with those still here. So I can tell whether the information received is going to be of value or if the person is still in the “blame game”. Obviously, someone still with the latter mindset has not crossed over.

There are many times, though, when someone comes through who appears to have this ego, but really doesn’t. They may say things which would lead you to think they have attachment to something, but it really is just their way of bringing in the personality they had while they were in body. So if your dad had a big ego here on earth, he might act like he has one there just as a validation that it is really him. Rest assured, he does not!

What kind of training do you have?

There are many who are “born psychic”. I believe we are all born psychic because we all have the ability to communicate with our guides, angels and loved ones. Even when someone is born psychic, I believe there should be some training. This is such a vast arena, and if you do not receive training, there is the possibility of not being able to reach as far as you can with your gifts. This is just my opinion, of course!

I have trained at the Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, CO, in a private mentorship program, and with John Holland in his Advanced Mediumship Training.

What do you do to prepare for a reading?

My usual spiritual practice is meditation. When I prepare for a reading, I meditate and ask for that person’s angels, guides and loved ones to come. I may also ask the person ahead of time if there is anyone in particular to whom they wish to speak. I will ask that soul to come during my meditation so I can get their energetic signature for the reading, and any preliminary information they want to give me.

How can you say I can do this, too? I’ve never seen any spirits.

Regardless of your past experiences, we are all energy. We all come from energy. We will all return to energy. Because of this, we all can hone in on any energy in the universe by using what are called clairs. The clairs are our ways of communicating with Spirit, Source, the Other Side, whatever you call it. There are four main clairs: Clairvoyance, which is “clear seeing”; Clairaudience, which is “clear hearing”; Clairsentience, which is “clear feeling”; and Claircognizance, which is “clear knowing”.

We can all access information through all of these senses, but usually some are more dominant than others. We call that our “dominant clair”. We all have at least one. My job is to help you figure out which one is yours and how to best enhance that for you. Once we get that, we can work on your other clairs. So, if clairaudience is your dominant clair, that does not mean you will never be clairvoyant! Of course you will!

I do want to say that I am not working alone! I cannot imagine anyone being able to train in this field without help! I have a collective group of World Teachers, Ascended Masters and Lords who are always present during the training sessions. I consider them the Directors and me the Facilitator.

So, regardless of where you FEEL you are right now, you have an infinite support system just waiting to help you discover who you REALLY are.

Can spirits attach themselves to me if I talk to you?

I do not allow lower vibrations to enter into our sessions, and only lower vibrations can attach themselves to you, so, no, spirits will not attach to you as a result of talking with me.

In the bigger picture, spirits can only attach themselves to us if we allow it. You have all of the power you need to send them on their way. If you feel there is a lower vibration presence following you or attached to you, you can command it to leave. If you do not feel you have this power, call on Archangel Michael to remove them for you by saying the following, “Dear Archangel Michael, please remove any energies around me that are not for my highest or purest good or for my divine purpose. Please replace any energies removed with your light and love. Thank you so much.” In order for this to work, you need to believe it will.

If you feel better calling on Jesus, you can do this also. “I command you to leave in the name of Jesus the Christ.”

What do you do at a house clearing or blessing?

The first thing we do is ask for your permission to release any lower vibrations in the house. Because of free will, we need your permission to clear any lower energies. Once we get your permission, we ask that you take us on a tour or just tell us where any energies might be stagnant or “hanging out”.

We walk from room to room releasing old stuck energy and bring in lighter energy.

If we do encounter a soul who has not crossed, we ask them why they are there. They are usually very eager to talk to us and tell us their story.

If they choose to cross at that time, we create the opportunity for them to cross into the light. From there, the angels will help them get home.

Should they choose to not cross, we let them know they cannot stay at your house. We try to work with them to figure out why they might feel the need to stay, but ultimately, they need to leave on their own accord or we will remove them. The reason we do not allow them to stay regardless of the situation is because having them there affects your health and well being. This is especially important if there are children in the house. Children are beacons of light for all souls.

After we are certain all spirits have crossed or are removed, we station angelic helpers to watch over your house to make sure no other lower energies will be able to come in. The level to which we “lock it down” depends on you and your desires. Please know that what we do will always allow your angels, guides and high vibration loved ones to visit!

We can bless your home, also. Blessing a house is stating the intentions and prayers of those who live there. A blessing can be as simple as, “We bless this house and all who live here so that love abounds in everything we do and say.”

Pricing for clearings and blessings depends on the size of the house and which services you require. We will always be upfront about the cost prior to coming to clear and may ask for a tour of the house so we can assess what is needed and let you know your options.

We take this part of our job very seriously and look forward to assisting you in returning your home to the peaceful place you need it to be!

If you would like to talk to us about clearing and/or blessing your house, please complete the contact form.

What is the difference between angels, loved ones and guides?

Angels are the highest vibration and are the closest energy to God. This gives them amazing “abilities”. Angels are here to help us on earth to live a blessed life. They can help with everything from getting a good night sleep, assisting in a difficult relationship or situation, clearing the path for something or someone wonderful to come into our lives, or even finding a great parking place! They are our heavenly helpers. The requirements for their help are as follows: Ask, Believe, Thank. Ask them for what you need. Believe they will help. Thank them for their help.

I do feel I need to clarify something here. Angels will not fix problems you need to fix yourself. They will not bring anything to you that is not for your highest good. And they will not give you the winning lottery numbers. Their purpose is to help you reach your divine purpose and potential. They do not care about anything material and will not assist you in obtaining these things, unless it is for your highest good.

Loved ones, of course, are those who we knew here in body whose bodies have stopped working. They come to visit us whenever we need them and they are definitely around for special days.

Guides can be our loved ones. More often, they are soul friends who have stayed behind this time around so they can be there to help us achieve whatever goals we agreed to prior to coming into this incarnation. Very often, my clients are surprised that they don’t “know” their guides. I assure you, you do…you just might not remember.

I think I have some kind of spirit in my house or hanging around my child. How do I know whether it is someone I know and how do I get them to leave if I don’t want them here?

If you suspect a spirit hanging around your child, please contact me immediately. This can be a terrifying experience for a child, regardless of the intent of the spirit.

The way to distinguish whether this spirit is someone you know or high vibration versus someone who does not have your best interests in mind is by how their energy feels. Do they feel light or heavy? Do they make you feel comforted or fearful? Do you think they are there to help or to be menacing? If you are unsure, that’s OK. That’s why we are here! We can assess, usually by talking with you on the phone or in person, whether it is someone who should be there or not.

To get them to leave, you can either follow the information in the section on spirits attaching themselves or in the section on house clearings, whichever is most effective for you.

How do I know if I am consulting someone who knows what they are talking about?

There are so many wonderful psychic/mediums on our planet today. I have such an admiration for those in our field who stand tall in who they are regardless of the criticisms that come our way.

There is a reason you have chosen to look at this website. Use your intuition to tell you whether it feels like the direction that is right for you. I cannot speak for any other mediums. I can only speak for myself and my colleagues. I know that we strive to maintain the highest vibration and consult with only the highest guides and helpers. Testimonials and personal recommendations are another way to feel confident about your choice.

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