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I encourage you to look at your grief as a journey TO somewhere, regardless of what kind of grief you are experiencing. There is always a reason why people leave this earth when they do — no one EVER leaves before it is their time. Ever. So, your loved one’s passing is only a stepping stone to somewhere YOU need to go, whether it is closer to love, closer to truth, closer to your dreams, closer to your other children, closer to the Divine. It is different for each of us. Usually, that person leaves to open a door for us. I know that sounds crazy if you are just reading this and your loved one, especially your child, has left recently. You say, “HOW can you seriously say this?” I say this to open your eyes and mind to something you know in your heart is true.

Before we come to this school we call Earth, there are certain things we say will we do. We agree to certain events and ask for the help of our soul family to make sure we follow through. So it was with me and my son. I know I agreed to have him for a short time. I know he agreed to be the one to leave, as opposed to any of my other children. I know because I remember doing it. At first, I told people who said I had a “soul contract” to have him die that they were crazy! I didn’t even know what a soul contract was. I learned that a soul contract is what we agree to do in this lifetime before we came into our bodies. As crazy as it sounds, I agreed to have my son leave. HE agreed to leave. Truthfully, he likes it much better on the other side — can’t say I blame him!

I now had the truth about the Divine. J.T.’s “death” gave me proof that we really NEVER die. How do I know? I talk to my son every night, and he talks to me every night. I also talk to my guides and angels, and other people’s guides and angels and loved ones. There’s no way I could do what I do if I thought we really “died”.

So my truth now is that we have an INFINITE support system available to us — right on the other side of that very thin veil we call “this world” and “that world.” They really coexist together — most of us don’t see them, though, and therefore, don’t think we can “verify” their existence. I don’t need to “verify” anything. My greatest blessing is to still have my son with me at any time of the day or night. I just call him and he is there.

Part of my soul contract is also to educate others about this. Because J.T.’s leaving opened my soul to my many gifts, my grief journey through this wilderness is very unique. It does not mean I don’t grieve. It does not mean I don’t get angry. It does not mean I don’t cry on his birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, his angel-date, Easter, Mother’s day, my birthday, etc. I still miss holding him, hugging him, running my fingers on his fuzzy head, planning his field trips, watching him at Karate or riding his bike, etc. I mourn that those days are gone and I will never have them again. This hurts. Really hurts.

At the same time, I know exactly why he left and what I am supposed to with it. So many of us moms have to have our hearts torn into a million pieces before we wake up and understand what we are supposed to be doing here. Having your child leave before you is horrific and tragic. It might also be exactly what you need to learn what love really is.

I cannot give a blanket statement about every child who leaves and say that they left because of (fill in the blank here). For obvious reasons, that would be ludicrous. But what I CAN offer you is a gift. A gift in this tragedy. A gift in this unnatural event which defies the laws we thought we knew about life and death. The truth is, the only laws are the ones WE make as individuals before we enter into our bodies. WE make the laws here. And there is always a reason. I can’t say that enough. There is always a reason.

I am very happy to say that part of J.T.’s “reason” is so he can help me to help you! He is my biggest cheerleader, pushing me beyond my limits, teaching me about “his” world (which is really my world, too…I’m just temporarily not totally there) and helping me reach out to others who want to know the truth. Together, he and I so far have contacted each child we asked to contact, and received comforting words and validations for these parents who, like you, might be wondering “where did he/she go?”

I have to give credit where credit is due here. My angels and guides including J.T. already know who I need to contact and what their loved ones here need to know. So, it’s really not up to me. It’s up to you and them. I’m just the conduit for the information.

I have listed a number of links for grief resources on Resources page. This list is by no means all inclusive! These are resources I have found comforting and healing. There are other resources on this website if you are interested in learning how to contact your loved one, or to tap into your own intuitive gifts.

I, like you, still have to journey in this wilderness we call grief. No roadmaps, no signposts. Just my determination to find the answers. I hope they help you the same way they helped me.

Your angel is closer to you now more than ever. There is something special you need to do with this. No child leaves before his or her time. That means you have some work to do. First things first, though. Grieve. Mourn. Process. When you are ready to move the next step about finding the why, call me. That’s why I’m here, and that’s one of the reasons J.T. left is so I can help YOU.

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