Healing Grief

Losing someone you love is never an easy road to travel. Having that loss be your child adds unimaginable dimensions to the pain. The denial and incomprehension of such an unnatural event can sweep you off your feet, carrying you out into a deep, dark ocean with no raft, no lifeboat, no life vest…then as the waves of grief force you underwater and you gasp for breath, all you can scream is “WHY?

Grief is so very complex. The pain from losing a child, I do not believe, is ever completely healed. However, you can have a joyful life in spite of the unnatural event that has forever changed the way you look at the world.

I have many resources listed under the Grief tab above. If there is anything I can do to assist you on your grief journey, please contact me. I have walked the walk, and continue to heal along with you.

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