Panic Attacks

I never had panic attacks until J.T. left. I didn’t even know what they were! Mine would usually occur at night, after everyone went home and I was left to go to sleep without tucking my boy into his bed. I was terrified I was going to lose another child, too. I didn’t want to go to sleep because I feared waking up, just like that March morning, to find another child dead.

Many doctors will recommend medication to alleviate these attacks. I haven’t found many people for which the medication works 100% though. What helped me get through them was breathing, talking to J.T. (before I could hear him, I would just talk and talk and talk), watching TV, a glass of wine or a beer (no more than that! Any more and I would be up half the night! Did you know alcohol is a stimulant?) There would also be friends who I knew would be up, or would not have gone to sleep, maybe in different time zones, and I would call them and just talk. I always knew just the right person to call who would alleviate my fears and anxiety enough so I could get to sleep. I also took lavender baths.

If you are not getting relief at all by any of the things you have tried, please try the natural route first prior to filling that prescription. Research homeopathy and herbs, or find someone well versed in these and ask for recommendations. Just like with medication, improper use of herbs can be dangerous. Homeopathic therapies are usually very safe. Ask your angel for guidance, and then expect an answer! Sometimes we ask, but we don’t expect the help. What good is that? You have to know you will get the help you need if you ask!

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