Chakra Clearing Meditation

When I found I could communicate with my son, J.T., after he passed in 2007, I learned very quickly meditation was the key to connecting with him. I certainly was not happy about this, though. I could not get my mind to shut up long enough to go into meditation. It was a frustrating process, until I learned about guided meditations. Meditation quiets the mind so the soul can experience from its other senses. If you have the same issue as I did, using a guided meditation gives your mind something to do while you experience connection.

Meditation also raises your vibration. I’ve written about this in the “How To’s” page of my website you can access here.

I now teach others how to connect using guided meditations beginning with this Chakra Clearing MP3.

Meditation is the key to connecting. You can connect with your loved ones, angels and guides, just like me. I hope this free MP3 help you discover so much more about you and your Helpers.

Looking forward to connecting with you in the future!

I also have full Connecting Meditation CD available for purchase if you are interested.  Let’s start with clearing our chakras!

Chakra Clearing

If you are interested in the Connecting Meditations CD, please click here.