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There are so many awesome resources out there for us these days! Here are some of the ones which have made a positive impact on my life.

Recommended Authors

Brian Weiss, MD

Dr. Weiss is a noted psychiatrist who is well renowned for his pioneering research on the healing power of past-life therapy.

Gregg Braden

Gregg is a scientist who brings science and spirituality together. He has gone from working for the Department of Defense to the monasteries of Tibet. His books can be scientific, but well worth the read. It is even better if you could see him speak.

John Holland

As I state below in the Teacher/Mentor section, John is a great psychic medium and breaks it down into understandable terms. The book I recommend is Power of the Soul. This is the book that helped me acknowledge and understand my gifts. I highly recommend this book for your library.

Sonia Choquette

Sonia has known about her psychic abilities almost from birth. Her family encouraged her in developing these gifts, and we are all so grateful for her writing all about them! She has wonderful insight into the human spirit, and is an amazing teacher in this field.

Steven Farmer

Dr. Farmer writes about Animal Spirit guides, Power Animals and how to connect back to Mother Earth through very simple Shamanic practices. You do not have to be a shaman to follow this book or do the exercises. I highly recommend this author, as you will see below since he is also in my Teachers/Mentors list.

Michael Newton, PhD

Dr. Newton takes past life regression to an entirely new level and studies what happens when we are between the lives we choose. Thanks to Dr. Newton’s work, I was able to see my Life Between Lives, changing my perception of life here on earth forever.

Richard Bach

Richard Bach has been writing for decades. Most of his work with which I am familiar is over ten years old. One is a must read. He writes from a fiction perspective, but you know it’s so much more than that.

James Van Praagh

James’ books are wonderful, especially for the recently bereaved. His Talking to Heaven and Reaching to Heaven books catalogue many readings he has done and the messages he was able to give to loved ones still here.

Martha Beck

Martha’s book, Expecting Adam: A True Story of Birth, Rebirth, and Everyday Magic about her experiences when expecting her second child, Adam, is an incredible story. I highly recommend this book!

Eben Alexander, M.D.

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Alexander at an afterlife conference in Greece. His books are real, his story is real. The level of detail of what Dr. Alexander encountered when he was presumably in a coma is incredible. I know you will never look at “death” the same!

Donna Visocky

Donna’s book, I’ll Meet You at the Base of the Mountain is heartfelt and wonderfully written! I met Donna in one of my psychic classes and found we were both part of the “I’ve Lost a Child” club. Donna’s story about her journey after losing her daughter Kristi is a must read!

Meditation CDs

There are many meditation CDs available. I have tried all of these listed. It is as individual as your spirit! Some people can’t stand the sound of one voice, while someone else loves it! I list these in no particular order. I have listened to them all and have used them for varying periods of time.

Sacred Acoustics Meditations. These meditations use sound and voice guidance to take the listener to very deep states of meditation. There are many from which to choose, all wonderful, effective meditations. I highly recommend all of these.

Meditation: Achieving Inner Peace and Tranquility In Your Life — a book with a CD by Brian Weiss, M.D.
I like this one because it does come with a small book, and I love the sound of Dr. Weiss’ voice

Connecting with Your Animal Spirit Guide — by Steven Farmer. It is in the back of the Power Animals book. There are guided meditations to connect with your power animal and also do shamanic journeys. You do not need to be a shaman to do these!

Psychic Navigator: Harnessing Your Inner Guidance — a book with a CD by John Holland

This book is very extensive and has wonderful affirmations and instructions

Meditations for Receiving Divine Guidance, Support, and Healing — a 2 CD set by Sonia Choquette.

Sonia includes six different tracks which lead you step by step through the meditation process and getting you ready to meet your Divine guides.

Meditation CDs by James Van Praagh — James Van Praagh has many meditation CDs available depending on what you would like from the meditation. I have not listened to these particular CDs, however, Mr. Van Praagh did a guided meditation at one of the seminars I attended, and I was very impressed with his approach. Please let me know what YOU think of these!

If you have a favorite that is not listed, please send me a note! I would love to add to this list.


The following are those I would highly recommend you see in person for a seminar, reading, whatever! They have changed my life in unbelievable ways. We are so blessed to have them! John Holland’s show was the first psychic medium show I ever attended. It was also his book, Power of the Soul, which gave me my A-Ha moment, when I knew I was a medium. He is very funny and always explains what he is doing to his audience. Please check his calendar to see if he’ll be near where you live. It is a treat to watch him work. Dr. Eben Alexander is an incredible teacher. Through his own near-death experience, he saw what comes after this life. His story is compelling and in alignment with what my son tells me about Heaven. Definitely check out his calendar to see if he has any events in your area. Sonia Choquette is an amazing teacher. She has moved me along and kept me improving and questioning the limitations I place on myself. I recommend ANY of her books, and absolutely pay the money to go see her if she comes to your town! I first saw Brian Weiss in March 1994 in San Francisco for a past life regression workshop. It was there I saw two of my past lives for the first time and realized I have been here before. The day following this workshop, I found out my father had terminal liver cancer. Had it not been for that workshop, I would not have dealt with the next 9 months of my father’s decline and “death” in the way I did. I have seen Dr. Weiss a couple of times since 1994 and never tire of his amazing voice and ability to transport me back in time so yet another lesson can be learned. He is the most humble man I’ve ever met. Steven Farmer is another one of those mentors I am so grateful decided to be here at this given time in space! His guided meditation CD found in the back of the Power Animals book took me to places I had never visited, and instantly, my power animal was there waiting for me. He is so grounded and such a blessing. Gregg Braden is an amazing guy. He is a scientist who has found the bridge between science and the laws of the Universe. His work with the Global Coherence Initiative and the HeartMath Institute is incredible! I would highly recommend you check out all that he is doing to bring it all together. Beth Hedva is my first spiritual mentor. She taught me to trust my intuition and believe in myself. Her wisdom all those many years ago paved the way for me to be who I am today. I thank Beth from the bottom of my heart! Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. He has amazing information on his website!

Sharing the Path

These are bright lights I have met along the way. I have shared a walk with most of them and recommend you check out who they are and what gifts they have to share with you.

Karen Hawkwood I have known Karen Hawkwood for almost 30 years. She was by my side during some very dark times in my life, with chart in hand teaching me why I was having to go through whatever darkness it was at the time. She’s been studying astrology for over 25 years and she graduated from the only college in the country that has an astrological focused curriculum. She has not only done client charting, but also teaches astrology. A true soul sister and gifted beyond words!

Healing Tree Wellness  Bonnie Thompson uses Healing Touch and EFT to assist with her clients’ health. She is a beautiful spirit!

Living Your Spirit  Louis and Christina South are amazing souls! I have received readings from Christina and Louis. Both are such bright lights!

Our Son Billy  A fellow family who had to say goodbye to their son. Guy and Anne have had some great signs from their son!

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