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Sarina offers a wide variety of sessions from which to choose! Look at the session descriptions below to decide which session is best for you!

Currently, Sarina only offers Phone, Zoom, and some In-Home Sessions for those who live on the Space Coast. If you do not live on the Space Coast, Zoom and phone sessions are just as effective, and all Zoom sessions are recorded for you!

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Any Medium/Psychic Session can be a Mini-Session. These sessions are 15 minutes and done by phone only. They are great if you need quick answers.

Medium/Psychic Sessions

In this session, we can talk with loved ones who have passed, or look at your energy and your path. Choose this session if you want to connect with a loved one, or have questions about your life purpose, past lives, lessons, or your current path. This is a good session if you have decisions coming up in your life and need a little help from your guides and angels. They can see what is for your highest good and make suggestions on direction.

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Pet Sessions

Rainbow Bridge Connections - talking with pets who have passed, Pet Psychic Sessions, Pet Reiki, Pet Akashic Records - understanding your rescue pet and why they have come into your life


Akashic Records Sessions

We look at the records of your soul for this lifetime and other lifetimes to get answers to your life questions and purpose and heal wounds. Akasha means “ether” in Sanskrit, and the Akashic Records, or “Book of Life” is the place in energetic terms where every deed, word, thought, feeling, intention and action from any life — past, present, and possible future – is stored. As that implies, we have the ability to enter our records and change our futures!

H.O.P.E. Sessions

H.O.P.E. is the acronym for Healing Origination Point Energy. When we can find, address and clear the origination point of an issue, situation, or response, whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, we can begin healing on a profoundly deep level.

Healing Across Lifetimes

Our past can define us, whether consciously or not. Our past lives also can define us, and hold us from who we are meant to be. The goal of the session is to give you the tools and techniques to begin your healing journey. You must be willing to let go of the blocks in order to heal them. Are you ready to release the past, and begin your future?

Lighthouse Session

These last couple of years have been all about change. Changing perspective. Changing location. Changing careers. Changing your ideas of who you are and your reality. If you have been feeling tossed around like a ship in the seas, this session can help clarify where you are going (or maybe where you could be going!)

Reiki Session

Choose this session if you would like to experience the healing powers of Crystalline Reiki. Crystalline Reiki is healing energy from the Universe to help the body heal itself. Crystalline Reiki can be used on everything from people to animals to building to events. There are no limits with Crystalline Reiki.

Channeling J.T. Sessions

We all have access to J.T.’s wisdom! He is available to everyone, to guide, assist, direct, or just someone to help you see the humor in life. "My mission now is to help each of you live the life you want to live. I am no longer that seven year old boy. I have returned to my soul self, one of the creators of this beautiful system you call earth" - J.T.

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