Channeling J.T. Sessions

Wisdom from the Other Side

It took me a little while in the beginning of my journey to understand the immenseness of J.T.’s energy. Here on earth, he was my sweet little boy. In the higher realms, he is a very wise and ancient soul who knows things little boys should not know. Once I got over this, I was able to ask J.T. huge life questions, and he answered them so clearly and profoundly, it stunned me. Then, after writing his book with him, I realized even further that our purpose together is to bring this wisdom to others. Channeling J.T. Sessions are for you to get answers! There are some different types of sessions from which to choose: 15-Minute Phone, 30-Minute Phone or Zoom, and a Single Card Reading. Each session is described below. Use the scheduler below to schedule your Channeling J.T. Session!
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